Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ear Ache

Well, Topher has been complaining for the last three days of an ear ache... I dismissed it as water in his ear.. he went and found qtips and tried cleaning it out.. only to make it worse... so three days later we go to the dr. to have her look at it.. she looks and says oh there is a lot of wax that's why your hurting and can't hear... so we start the syringe with water technique to clean out his ear.. 5 mins later.. all the wax is out but so is a ROCK!!! There was a rock IN his ear!! OUCH!! No telling how long that has been in his ear??!! But proud to say that Topher can hear again!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

C-Ray is in a wedding of a close family friend. Awesome , right?? Well it was all cute til he saw a picture of Ellewood (changed name) the flower girl... Now its I want to meet her, ask her out-- he is too young for this... haha... He even made her a valentine for her... So cute! Puppy Love...

Monday, March 1, 2010


How many has your child had?? My Chamo (middle school) has had many this year... we won't even mention the number just that it is more than enough! His 1st year too~~Is this a sign of what it is to come?? Oh goodness! Of course none are his fault he tells me.. lol.. of course not...

How are things with your kids? What do you do for discipline when it happens?

How do you get your child to see that it is bad.. and to have so many is bad too!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh-em-gee!! I tell ya girls want to make me turn in my mom card!! I imagine parents of girls say the samething about BOYS!! Right?? We have to get ours more busy! There seems to be too much free time somewhere when they have time for girls! Chamo had over 5,000 texts and they are mainly to girls??? Then he likes a girl but I don't find it a healthy situtation bc it seems that EVERYTHING is about her! Her this , Her that! I told him that he needs to calm the hormones down buddy! Then Chris now has a girlfriend.. band director's daughter.. hope that it goes well.. I don't want any phone calls or trouble.. boys and girls.. geesh!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Eye Trip

We go the eye dr. - found out Chamo couldn't see worth a flip!! Didn't know it was this bad...he has been asking for color contacts for a few weeks.. but we thought first he has to be able to wear contacts.. sooooo he got glasses and reg. contacts for one week. Speaking of which that reminds me that we have to make a follow-up appt....He hates having to wear glasses right now.. he picked out blue ones so he is digging that... anywho.. we had to watch a 5 min video on how to wear contacts.. the boys were like this is going to be a piece of cake... yea right!! 35 MINS later this morning they FINALLY got the contacts in... I said "not so easy now is it??"